Alex Poger Memorial Fund

This fund is sponsored by the friends and family of Alex Poger (1966-2005), a dyed-in-the-wool gamer of all platforms.  Alex’s infectious love of games drew us all in, and we were happy to follow.

Alex was in on the ground floor of multiple CCGs (Magic: the Gathering, Shadowfist, and Vampire: the Eternal Struggle), got others hooked, and evangelized them. If you needed a card to tune your deck, he’d have it and hand it to you for keeps. He was a "brewer," often designing decks for others to play.

His love of PC gaming (World of Warcraft, City of Heroes/Villains) was similarly contagious. He wrote online guides for Dominions to improve others’ play experiences. He brought a half-dozen PCs to a vacation in Canada so we could headshot each other in Unreal Tournament after a day of goggling each other IRL in paintball.

His sense of strategy was impeccable; he was often the rock on which our game tactics were developed. However, if you were on his team (paintball, LAN or other), you’d better bring your A game! Yet he was always patient and eloquent when explaining some point of finesse.

He graciously took early-morning treasure hunt phone calls requesting obscure comics trivia, for which he never needed to consult Google and was always right. We knew not to get him started on George Lucas...but we did anyway, and always enjoyed the rant.

Alex lived life to enjoy it. He was cheerful when he had little about which to be cheerful, and was kind and generous to his friends and family. His passing has been marked with an annual celebration where we eat, drink and game, all the while recalling his good influences on us and toasting him.  

Recipients of this fund will honor Alex’s memory by remembering that gaming is often best when shared with friends, old and new, and so is knowledge. Educate yourself and make the world better in whatever way you can.

Current fund value: $3,968

Donors to the Fund:

  • Jeffrey Chu

  • Alex Humphreys

  • Brett Humphreys

  • Raymond King

  • Bruce Neiger
  • Buzzy Multimedia
  • Jamie Simon

  • Jeffrey Tang

  • June Williams